CANCELED $10 Setup Fee Now Required For Free Plan Due to Abuse – One-Time Only Fee, Remains Free of Yearly Cost

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EDIT: We are now manually reviewing and approving each new listing. The approval process can take weeks or even months for the Free Plan. Premium plans (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) include a 48 hours rapid approval.


We’re sorry to announce that we had to add a one-time setup fee of $10 to our Free Plan due to some abuse. The Free Plan remains free of yearly charges. We hope $10 won’t stop serious HVAC-R and Plumbing companies to add their listing on the #1 HVAC-R and Plumbing business directory. After all, how ridiculous would it be to leave numerous customers to your competitor because you wanted to save… $10?



Unfortunately, a so-called SEO expert company representing multiple HVAC contractors have abused our Free Plan and cluttered the site with multiple duplicate entries just to plug in their keywords prix boite de viagra. We tried to contact the company using this tactic – which by the way is called Black Hat SEO and can be severely penalized by Google – but nobody returned our calls nor emails.

The Free Plan was offered in good will to let companies try our platform and hopefully upgrade to advanced plans as they see positive results from the free plan. Unfortunately, this good will ended up costing us hours of work to clean up the mess this company created.

It is also notable that we nicely posted their promotional video for free on HVACR.TV a few weeks ago. No need to say that we’ve just removed it.

Last but not least, as soon as we added the $10 charge, that so-called SEO expert company stopped in the creation process of its new listing. They wouldn’t pay $10 to list their customer’s business on a top quality business directory, even though they are probably charging the same customer thousands of dollars per month to do that job.

Thank you CI Web Group!


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July 15, 2015 |

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