Banner Advertising

Banner Adversiting is the ultimate way to increase your company’s visibility and sales in the HVACR industry. Multiple positions and dimensions are available, from top banner on the whole site to side banners for specific categories. Click here to view all available options with pricing.

Also make sure to check the New Listing Banners!

The picture below shows two banners appearing on all pages. You can buy a plan for one month, six months or one year. A maximum of 5 banners can rotate simultaneously in each spot, meaning that your banner will show at least every 5th time a page is loaded. Most visitors go through more than 5 pages so most will see your ad at least once. Please note that banners are responsive and therefore will properly show on mobile devices as well.


Banner Advertising Options on HVAC Connect

You can also purchase a 250×250 side banner spot in a specific category. These are cheaper and will show your banner only in the categories corresponding to your business. Manufacturers can advertise only in the Brands category and its sub-categories. Same for Contractors, Distributors, Dealers and Engineers. A maximum of 10 banners will alternate in these spots.

If all spots are already taken for the banner you would like to purchase, you can enter the queue in order get the next available spot – once one of the online ads expire.

Banner Advertising Benefits:

  • Top Visibility on a reference site for the HVAC, Refrigeration and Plumbing industry
  • Boost your company’s notoriety
  • Reach people at every level of the industry as well as private customers
  • … or target people looking specifically for your type of business
  • Fix cost, no pay-per-click
  • Choice of monthly, bi-annual and annual plans
  • You can update or change your banner at will
  • We share your ad on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks


New! Listing Banners

Effective October 3rd, HVACR companies can now purchase Listing Banner Ads on Listing Banner Ads will show up in two different locations.

In between listing summaries, in categories as well as search results

Banner ads will appear at every 4th position in a list of results. Results can be listings belonging to a specific category, i.e. Air Conditioning Contractors, HVAC Dealers, …  They can also be search results when a user performs a search by keyword and/or geographical location.

Each page will show 4 results and 3 listing banners by default.


HVAC Banner Advertising on


In listing detail pages

Banner ads will also show in the detail page of any listing using the Free Plan or Bronze Plan. Companies listed with the Silver, Gold or Platinum plans won’t have any ad showing in their detail page. For ethical reasons we do not allow to target specific companies with your ad, but there’s always a chance for your ad to show up in your competitors’ listings. More specifically a 1/10 chance!


Advertise Where Your Competitor Is on HVAC Connect


A maximum of 10 banner ads can rotate randomly between all the spots to ensure an optimal combination of diversity for website users, and visibility for your ad. This means that your add will show at least once every ten times a Listing Banner Ad appears.



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