Affiliate Program

PrBest HVAC Affiliate Programomote, Earn Excellent Commissions!


Smart Affiliates Partner With Us

When you become an affiliate you’ll earn 20% of every plan sold, anywhere from $10 to a whopping $300 for each order that’s placed using your unique affiliate link.


Sounds Good, How Does It Work?

If you’ve got a website or you’re an experienced affiliate marketer, then our affiliate program was designed for you. To get started, fill in our quick application form. You’ll then be provided with banners, text links, etc to use, along with special discounts. They will of course include your unique affiliate tracking code.


When someone clicks on your link and buys (even up to 30 days later), you’ll receive a 20% commission. You will be paid that commission as long as the order is not fraudulent of course. It is then paid straight into your PayPal account automatically during the next payment processing run.


How are Visitors Tracked?

We use 30 day tracking cookies, meaning that a visitor who clicked your affiliate link can purchase at any time within 30 days and you will still receive your commission!


Click here to get started now.



P.S. We do not accept self-referrals, so if you’re buying our software for yourself, you can’t become an affiliate to receive a discount. If you are a web designer planning to refer your clients to us, you may apply to the affiliate program.


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