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HVAC-Connect.com Not Affected by Heartbleed

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heartbleedMost of you must have heard about the Heartbleed bug by now. If not, you definitely must read this article. Many experts have rated the Heartbleed bug 11 out of 10 on the security breach scale.


To first understand what Hearbleed is, you can check out this article on Wikipedia or this dedicated, although more technical website.


More importantly, we are writing this article to ensure you that HVAC-Connect.com is in no way affected by this bug. Here’s why:


1. We don’t use the OpenSSL protocol. OpenSSL is used on secure websites – their address starts with https . Because our site doesn’t use nor keep any sensitive information, we use the standard http protocol.


2.  Does that mean your site isn’t secure? We use a lot of advanced tools to protect our website from possible attacks. That being said, the only information we have on you is your name, email address, encrypted password and your company listing information, which is public anyways. In other words, a hacker would be very disappointed if he managed to breach our security! The worst he could achieve would be taking down our site or modify your company listing. In both cases, we could fix everything very quickly and easily by restoring one of our regular backups.


3.  What about payments? If we were using or storing your credit card information, we would use the OpenSSL protocol… and this article would be a different story. But we redirect all our users to PayPal’s secure website for payments. PayPal use the secure OpenSSL protocol to process your transaction, then only lets us know if your transaction was successful or not. We do not handle any bank or credit card information directly.


4. If PayPal use OpenSSL, then THEY can be affected by Hearbleed! This article on Mashable lists all major websites, if they were affected and patched, and if you should change your password on these sites. As per this article and many others out there, PayPal is not affected by Heartbleed. Here’s also Paypal’s Press Release in the PayPal Community.


5. But I see Facebook, Twitter and Google on that list. I use one of these to connect to your site! Don’t panic, all we’ve got is the authorization to read your public profile and posts. When you log in with Twitter, Facebook or Google (or even LinkedIn, which isn’t affected), we only receive confirmation that you’re really who you say you are. We can in no way access your private information, modify your profile or post something for you, we don’t have the access rights.

So you have nothing to fear on our side. That being said, if you do have a Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account – or any account on that list – , we highly recommend changing your passwords now. But rest ensured that your account on HVAC-Connect.com is safe.


We hope you found this article useful and now feel reassured about your HVAC-Connect.com account. Please don’t hesitate to share with your friends and colleagues.



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April 13, 2014 |

HVACJobsCenter.com Up and Running!

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HVAC Jobs, Plumbing Jobs and Refrigeration Jobs on HVACJobsCenter.com

HVACJobsCenter.com is officially launched. HVAC Jobs Center is a Web, Mobile and Social platform dedicated to HVAC, Plumbing and Refrigeration Jobs in the US and Canada. Job Seekers have free access to all functionalities. Once registered, they can:

  • Search and view job offers
  • Add online resume to be found by Recruiters
  • Apply to jobs online in a few clicks
  • Setup Job Alerts to be informed by email as soon as matching Job Offers are posted

HVACJobsCenter.com lists exclusive offers along with external offers appearing on other sites. No need to waste precious hours searching multiple generic sites for duplicate job offers and jobs in non-relevant fields. Find all the best HVAC Jobs, Refrigeration Jobs and Plumbing Jobs in one single place.


Are You Hiring?

Try HVACJobsCenter.com, Post 1 Free Job OfferHVACJobsCenter.com is also an ideal employment site to post HVAC, Refrigeration and Plumbing Job Offers. Speed up and optimize your recruiting process by posting your job offers on a specialized website. Generic Job Posting Websites are checked by all job seekers. Some of them are desperate and would apply to almost any job even though they lack proper experience and qualifications. HVACJobsCenter.com is targeting Professionals of the HVAC, Refrigeration and Plumbing industry only and therefore greatly reduces the percentage of unqualified applications, saving recruiters some precious time.

You will also find HVACJobsCenter.com‘s dashboard very efficient. Create your Employer or Recruiter profile and post your job offers in minutes. Receive applications online, manage your company profile and your job offers in our user-friendly dashboard. Each job posted on HVACJobsCenter.com is shared on all major Social Medias, immediately reaching thousands of qualified candidates.


Try it Out, One Free Job Posting

Our job posting cost and plans are very competitive, yet we’d like you to try the site for Free and see for yourself how you like it. Employers and Recruiters, register now and post your first job offer on us!


Click Here For More Information



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April 10, 2014 |

Plans 101

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Plans and Pricing on HVAC-Connect.com

We understand that choosing a plan isn’t always obvious. Which plan should I pick? Why pay for this or that? Heck, there’s a Free Plan, I’ll select it for now and re-evaluate later… and then you forget and that’s normal, we’re all very busy in the HVAC-R & Plumbing industry.

This is why we thought we should take the time to write this article clearly explaining the various plans and benefits. Our intent isn’t to oversell you a plan. Quite the opposite, we want help you decide which plan is best for your business, which one will bring you the best return on investment. It might be the Free Plan, it might be the Bronze, Silver or Gold Plan… Let’s first look at the table presenting all Plans available to you with their cost and features.

Plans and Pricing on HVAC-Connect.com

Click to Enlarge

Categories Included

One of the main factors to consider when the time comes to select the right plan is the number of categories in which you can list your company. A Filters Manufacturer, for instance, only needs to show up in one category. On the contrary, an HVAC Contractor offering services in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Controls and Refrigeration, doing New Installs, Repairs and Maintenance for Commercial and Industrial buildings… will ideally want to show up in 10 categories… even more if he’s also a product dealer, which is often the case. If you’re such a Contractor, the Gold Plan might be ideal, allowing you to list your company in up to 15 categories. The Bronze plan (8 categories) would be a cheaper alternative but wouldn’t be best for your business.

Why is the Number of Categories so Important?

Because many potential customers looking for a company like yours will first check out the HVAC-Connect.com business directory by category. Let’s say John Doe is looking for AC Repair Services, he might very well check out the Contractors -> Air Conditioning (or Repair) category first. If this is one of the categories you didn’t pick because you were limited by your plan, you might lose a sale opportunity, plain and simple. This one sale might very well mean more profits than what you saved by not selecting the proper plan.


Featured Listings

Featured Listing on HVAC-Connect.comFeatured Listings are featured in all of their categories as well as in search results. Let’s use our example again: John Doe clicks on the category and finds what he’s looking for: a complete and well-presented list of companies offering AC Repair Services. Assuming that you selected that category with your plan, your company is on that list.

Additionally, if you selected a Gold or Silver Plan, your listing is showing at the top of the list, before standard listings. It is also highlighted and displays your company logo. Your listing definitely looks professional and catches the eye. Let’s assume, however, that 15 other contractors in the US and Canada also have their listing featured in that category. The order in which they appear is random, however this time you’re out of luck, yours is in 8th position. However John Doe lives in Dallas, Texas and quickly realizes that the companies listed are in other States. But he also notices the Search Box allowing him to search by keywords and location – city or zip code.


Search Companies by Keyword and Location on HVAC-Connect.com


He searches for ‘AC Repair‘ near ‘Dallas‘ and finds a list of companies offering AC Repair Services in or near Dallas. Your company is there, and if you’ve selected a Silver or Gold Plan, it is now one of the very few companies featured at the top, if not the only one. Chances are really good that Mr. Doe will call you. Featured Listings showing in the top search results offer many benefits:

  • Most customers will contact 2, maybe 3 companies… usually the first ones showing.
  • Having your listing featured with your company logo gives a more professional first impression.
  • Your company summary also has a direct link from search results to your website… which brings us to the next point!


Direct Link = Higher Customer Conversion Rate?

Let’s be honest, a lot of it relies on you. What we do is bring the customer straight to your virtual door. If you have a professional website as well as sales closing skills, odds are definitely in your favor. John Doe is searching on his lunch break, he’d like to set an appointment for Tonight. This is the hot season and his AC unit died this morning. He’s in a hurry and don’t have time to check and call ten companies. He finds HVAC-Connect.com, then the list of contractors in his area and you’re at the top of the list. Your logo catches the eye, he reads the quick description and sees a link to your website. He clicks on it and Voilà! He’s not on HVAC Connect’s website scrolling down the list of your competitors anymore, he’s on your website. The ball is in your camp.

Now if you haven’t featured your company on HVAC-Connect.com, one of your competitors might have… or not, but their listing might still show up above yours. He might very well get the sale and you’ll never know about it. We’re not saying here that everyone should select the Gold Plan, we’re just making sure that you do understand the marketing power behind Featured Listings. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there’s a Plan for everyone.


So Which Plan Do You Recommend For My Company?

Here we go, let’s look at different types of business:

Small company specialized in a very limited field with very few competitors and running on a tight budget

The Free Plan is probably ideal for you. You only need to list your business in one or two categories and you have very few competitors to stand out from.

Young company offering multiple services but running on a tight budget

Building a new business is very expansive in time and money. You’ll probably be solicited by various local Medias and web specialists and be presented with a lot of expansive options. Your new business needs marketing, but please don’t spend thousands of dollars trying different options – unless you can spare that kind of money. The Bronze or Gold plans are ideal for you. You want to be listed in all categories describing your company. We’re not talking about thousands of dollars here. Only one customer will cover for your marketing expanse for the whole year. The rest is pure profits, new leads that are already paid for. Now THAT’s return on investment. Also make sure to use our Customer Reviews and Ratings Tool to gather positive reviews from satisfied customers. This can really boost your new business at zero cost.

Established company in a specialized field, willing to increase its sales

Many companies only belong in one or two categories, for instance a Sheet Metal Manufacturer, a Plumber or a Local Distributor. These companies don’t need a Gold Plan. The Free Plan could be enough, however if you’re in expansion mode and willing to increase your sales, then you have to feature your listing. The Silver Plan at $199 per year should be a no brainer for you. Once again, your first new customer will most likely cover for more than your yearly expanse. The next one, or next 50, or next 500 customers are pure profits!

Contractor and/or Dealer in a competitive market

Most HVAC Contractors provide various services and often are also dealers. If you’re one of them, you want to be in every single category applying to your business. The Bonze Plan (8 categories) might not be enough for you. Plus if you are doing business in a competitive market you really want to stand out of the lot. The Gold Plan is ideal for you. For $299 per year, your company will be Featured in up to 15 categories and in search results. You will get extra sales, way more than you need to cover for that expense. Don’t be greedy selecting the Free Plan, it might cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lost leads!


I already picked the wrong plan, is it too late?

It’s never too late, and quite simple to upgrade. All you have to do is log into your account on HVAC-Connect.com, go to your Dashboard and click on your listing title to load the detailed page. There you’ll see a button called Upgrade Listing. Click on it, select your new plan and checkout. If you’ve selected a new plan with more categories, go back to your listing’s detailed page after the upgrade and edit your listing to add new categories.


Upgrade your Listing


We hope you found this article useful. Please note that prices mentioned here were accurate at the time of writing this article and are subject to change. In case of discrepancy between this article and our Pricing Page, consider the Pricing Page accurate. Taxes may apply in some States.


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April 7, 2014 |

April Fools’ Promotion on HVAC-Connect.com

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This is no April Fools! HVAC-Connect.com is launching an amazing promotion for this week only!

Buy a Gold Plan Featuring your Company listing in up to 15 categories for one year at $99 instead of $299.

Just login to HVAC-Connect.com, upgrade your existing listing or create one if you haven’t already, select the Gold Plan and use the coupon code APRILFOOLS at checkout. The promotion is valid this week only, coupon must be used at the latest on April 4, 2014 viagra montreal.


April Fools Promotion 2014 on HVAC-Connect.com


Happy April Fools’ Week!



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March 31, 2014 |

New Discussions Forums Dedicated to the HVAC-R and Plumbing Industry

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HVAC Discussion Forums

HVAC Discussion ForumsHVAC-Connect.com, who’s mission is to connect all HVAC-R and Plumbing Professionals throughout the United States and Canada, is pleased to announce the official launch of its new Discussions Forums dedicated to Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Plumbing, Geothermal and more.

Numerous forums have been created to regroup discussions around main topics:

Discussions are open to the public. Anyone can view and read the forums without registering. In order to start new conversations or reply to current discussions, one has to login first. Creating an account on HVAC-Connect.com is Free, Simple and Quick. You can choose a username and password or connect using one of your Social Media accounts. If you’re a business owner, manager or marketing expert, the same account will also allow to Add Your Company in HVAC-Connect.com‘s Business Directory.

Once logged in, make sure to update your Social Profile. You can Add/Edit your Picture, create a Signature, connect with Friends, and more. To access your Social Profile, click on Account -> Social Profile in the Top Menu.

Also, when browsing the Forums, you’ll notice a Subscribe button. Clicking on it will instantly subscribe you to specific Forums or Topics. You can Unsubscribe anytime as easily by clicking the Unsubscribe button. Subscriptions mean you will be notified by email of any recent activity (new conversations or replies) in the Forums and Topics you’ve subscribed to.

Also note that HVAC-Connect.com‘s Discussions Forums are connected to Social Medias in order to engage more people in the conversations. New Discussions will be automatically published on:

We hope you’ill enjoy our new Discussions Platform dedicated to the HVAC-R and Plumbing Industry!

Help us making this a success, Share this Article start a new discussion in our Discussions Forums Now!

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March 3, 2014 |

Boost Your Sales With Recent Customer Reviews

Recent Customer Reviews on HVAC-Connect.com

HVAC-Connect.com now shows the most recent customer reviews on its main page and in the search results.

<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-3461" alt="Recent Customer Reviews on HVAC-Connect.com" src="http://hvac-connect.com/connect/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/RecentReviews-230×230.jpg" width="230" height="230" srcset="http://hvac-connect.com/connect/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/RecentReviews-230×230.jpg 230w, http://hvac-connect.com/connect/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/RecentReviews-50×50 generic viagra france.jpg 50w, http://hvac-connect.com/connect/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/RecentReviews.jpg 528w” sizes=”(max-width: 230px) 100vw, 230px” />

Companies gathering customer reviews at a fast pace on HVAC Connect will constantly appear on the main page and search results from now on.


Buyers searching online for a company like yours will find you more easily. Also, having a good number of customer reviews is the best sales tool a company can have in 2014. Customers don’t want to rely only on your good looking website or your convincing sales pitch. They want to know what others have to say about your company. Engines like Yelp are great for local businesses but not so great for manufacturers and product brands. HVAC-Connect.com is dedicated to the HVAC, Refrigeration and Plumbing industry and yet it provides local company ratings. The best of both worlds for anyone involved with HVAC-R, at any level of the industry.


For more information about the multiple benefits of Customer Reviews and the tools provided by HVAC-Connect.com to help you gather more reviews, we strongly encourage you to read our post Improve your business rating and increase your profits!



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February 16, 2014 |

Tech Zones – Share Good Articles & Enjoy Free Visibility

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HVAC Tech Zone

HVAC-Connect.com has recently launched the Tech Zones, four new sections listing quality articles. Each section is dedicated to a segment of the HVAC-R and related industries. They are:

Geothermal Tech ZonePlumbing Tech Zone 256Refrigeration Tech ZoneHVAC Tech Zone

In these sections we will publish quality technical articles provided by independent authors and companies. Manufacturers, Researchers, Associations, Contractors and Distributors… any person or company is allowed to publish articles in the Tech Zones as long as:

  • They have authorship or republishing rights
  • The article is mainly technical
  • The article respects one the Tech Zone topics (HVAC, Refrigeration, Plumbing or Geothermal

We do filter articles to ensure quality content but we do not take responsibility for inaccurate facts, sources or any kind of plagiarism.

Launching the Tech Zones is another step towards our main objective, which is to strengthen the links and communication channels between all North American professionals involved at different levels of the industry.

Contributors enjoy great visibility at no cost, another free marketing channel made available to you by HVAC Connect. Every article published in the Tech Zones will be:

  • Published on HVAC-Connect.com and will be easily found in various search engines
  • Shared with our followers on all Social Medias
  • Featuring one or more links to your website

If you’re willing to share an article with the North American HVAC Community, please email your article to publish@hvac-connect.com

Your article should be attached in a .doc or .docx format with proper formatting and images.

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February 16, 2014 |

Be one of the Best HVAC Contractors – 3 Steps, 5 Minutes, Free!

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Best HVAC Contractors

Best HVAC Contractors

Best HVAC Contractors lists the Top 20 US Contractors and the Top 10 Canadian Contractors at the end of each year.

HVAC Contractors, this is a great opportunity for you to improve your business’ online visibility – and sales – for free! Being recognized as one of the Best HVAC Contractors is easier than you’d think. All that’s required is 5 minutes of your time right now. Because there’s only 30 days left, the first companies to act are more likely to win that race. Because of the short time span, all you might need is five positive reviews to be on the 2013 Best HVAC Contractors List!

Step #1: Register on HVAC-Connect.com and Add Your Business Listing

If you’ve already added your business to HVAC-Connect.com, go to step #2.

If you haven’t, go to HVAC-Connect.com and register or use this direct link. We recommend using one of your Social Media accounts to register so you don’t have to remember your username/password. If not, make sure to write it down for future reference.

Once registered, click on add your company listing, see picture below.

After Registration

Once you’ve registered you can easily add your business listing to HVAC-Connect.com

On the next screen, select the Free Plan (see picture below), we won’t cover enhanced paid options in this article. When we say it’s free we mean it!

Select Free Plan

This article is about Free Marketing so we won’t cover the benefits of Featured Listings here. Although we strongly encourage you to read more about this option later. For now just select the Free Plan.

Click Continue and carefully enter your company information on the next screen. This is what will appear in your listing. But don’t worry, you can always come back and re-edit your information later.

Also make sure to select the three most appropriate categories for your business. You should pick sub-categories under Contractors. Most contractors are also dealers but make sure to select at least one Contractor sub-category.

Congratulations, you’re already half way done and you’ve already increased your company’s online visibility.

Step #2: Get Your Special Code

Once you’ve created your business listing it should appear on your account’s page.

HVAC Contractor Account View

Clicking on your account should show your listing(s). To view your listing’s details, click on its title. If you have multiple locations or branches you can create as many listings as required.

Now click on your listing’s title to access the detailed view. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the Listing Owner Tips section. You can’t miss it.

Tip #1 gives you two options to encourage satisfied customers to rate your company. Both provide a custom HTML code that can easily be copied and added to your website, email signature and social medias.

Please Rate Us on HVAC-Connect.com– Option #1 is a Web Banner that is best for your website belgique viagra.

– Option #2 is a Text Link that can be pasted on Social Medias and in your Email Signature.

Custom html code to encourage ratings of your company on HVAC Connect

Two options of custom html code are provided to you by HVAC Connect. One is a Web Banner and the other is a simple Text Link. Just copy/paste the code on your Website, Social Medias and Email Signature.

Step #3: Ask Your Satisfied Customers For Reviews

All you have to do now is ask directly some of your satisfied customers to rate your company. Ask them to use the link on your website or send them the Text Link. It will take them a minute to do it and your business will greatly benefit from these reviews. Don’t be shy to ask, you’d be surprised how satisfied customers are willing to share their experience on the web.

And remember… with 30 days left, all you might need is 5+ positive reviews to be one of the 2013 Best HVAC Contractors.

So don’t waste another minute…. Act Now!

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December 1, 2013 |

HVAC Black Friday 75% Off This Week Only!

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Black Friday on HVAC Connect

Save 75% on Gold Plan and Banner Advertising

Black Friday on HVAC ConnectHurry Up! Black Friday promotion ends on November 30. This week only, Save 75% for the whole year! How?

Feature your business listing for 12 months

Select the Gold Plan for your listing now and pay $74.99 instead of $299.99 for 12 months.

  • Be on top of your categories and search results for 12 months!
  • Feature your company in up to 15 categories!
  • Direct link to your website in search results = better conversion rate!

At $74.99 for a whole year, how many leads do you need to cover your annual cost? Now THAT’s Return on Investment.

How to use the promotion? Just Register or Login, Add or Edit your Business and Select the Gold Plan at $74.99… that’s it!

Banner Advertising – First Come, First Served!

Limited number of spots available so hurry up! 75% Off on any purchase of banner spot for one month, six months or a year.

Coupon code to use at the time of checkout: BLACKFRIDAY

Note: standard prices are shown during the whole process until you enter the BLACKFRIDAY coupon code at checkout. A 75% discount will be added then.

Purchase Your Banner Spot Now or check out this page for more details on Advertising Opportunities on HVAC Connect.

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November 24, 2013 |
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