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Attract Top Talent with HVACJobsCenter.com

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HVACJobsCenter.com Logo

The satisfaction of your customers and success of your business depends largely on the quality of employees who make up your team. When you have an open position to fill, recruiting qualified candidates can be time consuming and expensive; your staff must take the time to post ads on multiple job boards, paying separate advertising fees. Plus, if potential employees can’t easily find your company’s job listing, you’ll be waiting even longer to begin the interviews. Eliminate the hassle of the hiring process; attract top talent quickly by advertising your job openings on HVACJobsCenter.com.

Access a Targeted Talent Pool

HVAC Jobs Center serves employers in the HVACR and plumbing industries only. When you advertise an open position on HVACJobsCenter.com, you’ll be attracting candidates who have the right skills set, education, and experience you’re looking for. Using this site which specifically targets talent in your industry will help you avoid a pile of resumes from people who don’t even know what HVACR stands for — what you’re likely to receive if you post openings on generic job sites like Indeed and Career Builder.

Jobs Posted Across Multiple Channels

When you choose a package from HVAC Jobs Center to recruit new employees, your ad will reach far beyond HVACJobsCenter.com. Each job is visible on the web and mobile sites, so job seekers can find your open position anytime from their computer, smartphone, or tablet. Your listing will appear across multiple channels, providing potential candidates with more opportunities to connect with your company. Upon posting your job opening on the HVAC Jobs Center website, it will also be posted through additional channels, including:

• LinkedIn
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Google+
• RSS Feed

You’ll also reach the numerous job seekers who’ve signed up with HVACJobsCenter.com. Your job listing will be emailed directly to job seekers who are searching for positions matching what you have available, allowing you reach them sooner.

Plans to Match Your Needs

HVAC Jobs Center has a selection of competitively-priced plans to help your business reach job seekers. The plans have been designed to fit the needs of employers of all sizes, from local HVAC and plumbing contractors to international manufacturers. Whether you have one job to post or multiple, they have the perfect package to put your business in front of job seekers possessing the talent and skills you’re searching for. Further boost your posting’s visibility by featuring it on the home page or the targeted job category pages.

Right for Recruiters

Recruiters seeking top HVACR and plumbing talent for their clients can benefit from the versatile options offered by HVAC Jobs Center. Effectively manage job openings for all your clients from one account. Post job offers for multiple clients under your name, or under the client’s name. Add individual logos and company names for each job opening you post.

Simplify your business’s hiring process and attract skilled candidates who will improve your team by using HVACJobsCenter.com to fill your next open position. Learn more about <a title="Cost to post HVAC job, plumbing job or refrigeration job" href="http://hvacjobscenter viagra mieux.com/plans-pricing/” target=”_blank”>plans and pricing here.


Can I re-use this article AND make money in the process? Yes!



August 21, 2014 |

A Description That Will Sell and Get You Found

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Find an HVAC Company on HVAC Connect

As I moderate new listings being added to HVAC-Connect.com, I often feel that a lot of people are lazy when it comes down to entering their company description. A quick copy & paste or just a few words… After all, we all have a website where people can find out more about our company, don’t we? People will find us in the directory, then visit our website if they want to know more… won’t they?

They may or may not, but there are things you can do you help the odds. Here are two essential tips to take into consideration when typing your business description. Two simple things to keep in mind that will get you found and catch potential customers’ attention. So they may go to your website… or even just call you right away.

Mention all of the products and services you provide… and even more! Everything you can think of that’s relevant to your business.


Write down all of the products and/or services that you provide and try to think of and write every possible word people might use to find a company like yours. Even if you are listed in the Duct Manufacturer category, make sure to still mention in your description that you manufacture ducts. Why?

Because description is used in the search by keyword. If someone looks in the Duct Manufacturer category, chances are he/she will find you. Now if that person uses keywords and Searches For ‘insulated ducts’, for instance, you will only come up if you have insulated or ducts in your description (or tags, but we’ll keep it or another blog). As you can see, plural is also important.


Find an HVAC Company on HVAC Connect



Make the first 3 lines count!


Once you’ve come up in the search results, you’re in front of your customers. Great! But you still have to get their attention. What they’ll first see is only your summary, the first three lines of your description. Make them count! This is all you’ve got to catch your customer’s attention. Three lines of text, just a few words.

Let’s say you’re an Indoor Air Quality Contractor specialised in the residential market. You provide multiple services and sell numerous types of filters and other products. Yes you want to list all these services (air quality tests, duct cleaning …) and products (UV filters, AC filters, furnace filters …) in your description, but the first three lines should address what the customers are looking for, an answer to their need. Something like: “20 years of improving people’s home air quality, we are #1 and most trusted company in Florida when it comes to keeping your home air clean.”


These two tips can make a huge difference in how many leads you get from HVAC-Connect.com, whatever your company does, whatever plan you selected. If you’ve already created your listing, now might be a good time to come back and check it out, make sure it is up to date and optimal.


Are you using customer reviews? If not, make sure to read this post: The Free Marketing Cycle, a Very Powerful Tool.




July 3, 2014 |

Plans 101

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Plans and Pricing on HVAC-Connect.com

We understand that choosing a plan isn’t always obvious. Which plan should I pick? Why pay for this or that? Heck, there’s a Free Plan, I’ll select it for now and re-evaluate later… and then you forget and that’s normal, we’re all very busy in the HVAC-R & Plumbing industry.

This is why we thought we should take the time to write this article clearly explaining the various plans and benefits. Our intent isn’t to oversell you a plan. Quite the opposite, we want help you decide which plan is best for your business, which one will bring you the best return on investment. It might be the Free Plan, it might be the Bronze, Silver or Gold Plan… Let’s first look at the table presenting all Plans available to you with their cost and features.

Plans and Pricing on HVAC-Connect.com

Click to Enlarge

Categories Included

One of the main factors to consider when the time comes to select the right plan is the number of categories in which you can list your company. A Filters Manufacturer, for instance, only needs to show up in one category. On the contrary, an HVAC Contractor offering services in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Controls and Refrigeration, doing New Installs, Repairs and Maintenance for Commercial and Industrial buildings… will ideally want to show up in 10 categories… even more if he’s also a product dealer, which is often the case. If you’re such a Contractor, the Gold Plan might be ideal, allowing you to list your company in up to 15 categories. The Bronze plan (8 categories) would be a cheaper alternative but wouldn’t be best for your business.

Why is the Number of Categories so Important?

Because many potential customers looking for a company like yours will first check out the HVAC-Connect.com business directory by category. Let’s say John Doe is looking for AC Repair Services, he might very well check out the Contractors -> Air Conditioning (or Repair) category first. If this is one of the categories you didn’t pick because you were limited by your plan, you might lose a sale opportunity, plain and simple. This one sale might very well mean more profits than what you saved by not selecting the proper plan.


Featured Listings

Featured Listing on HVAC-Connect.comFeatured Listings are featured in all of their categories as well as in search results. Let’s use our example again: John Doe clicks on the category and finds what he’s looking for: a complete and well-presented list of companies offering AC Repair Services. Assuming that you selected that category with your plan, your company is on that list.

Additionally, if you selected a Gold or Silver Plan, your listing is showing at the top of the list, before standard listings. It is also highlighted and displays your company logo. Your listing definitely looks professional and catches the eye. Let’s assume, however, that 15 other contractors in the US and Canada also have their listing featured in that category. The order in which they appear is random, however this time you’re out of luck, yours is in 8th position. However John Doe lives in Dallas, Texas and quickly realizes that the companies listed are in other States. But he also notices the Search Box allowing him to search by keywords and location – city or zip code.


Search Companies by Keyword and Location on HVAC-Connect.com


He searches for ‘AC Repair‘ near ‘Dallas‘ and finds a list of companies offering AC Repair Services in or near Dallas. Your company is there, and if you’ve selected a Silver or Gold Plan, it is now one of the very few companies featured at the top, if not the only one. Chances are really good that Mr. Doe will call you. Featured Listings showing in the top search results offer many benefits:

  • Most customers will contact 2, maybe 3 companies… usually the first ones showing.
  • Having your listing featured with your company logo gives a more professional first impression.
  • Your company summary also has a direct link from search results to your website… which brings us to the next point!


Direct Link = Higher Customer Conversion Rate?

Let’s be honest, a lot of it relies on you. What we do is bring the customer straight to your virtual door. If you have a professional website as well as sales closing skills, odds are definitely in your favor. John Doe is searching on his lunch break, he’d like to set an appointment for Tonight. This is the hot season and his AC unit died this morning. He’s in a hurry and don’t have time to check and call ten companies. He finds HVAC-Connect.com, then the list of contractors in his area and you’re at the top of the list. Your logo catches the eye, he reads the quick description and sees a link to your website. He clicks on it and Voilà! He’s not on HVAC Connect’s website scrolling down the list of your competitors anymore, he’s on your website. The ball is in your camp.

Now if you haven’t featured your company on HVAC-Connect.com, one of your competitors might have… or not, but their listing might still show up above yours. He might very well get the sale and you’ll never know about it. We’re not saying here that everyone should select the Gold Plan, we’re just making sure that you do understand the marketing power behind Featured Listings. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there’s a Plan for everyone.


So Which Plan Do You Recommend For My Company?

Here we go, let’s look at different types of business:

Small company specialized in a very limited field with very few competitors and running on a tight budget

The Free Plan is probably ideal for you. You only need to list your business in one or two categories and you have very few competitors to stand out from.

Young company offering multiple services but running on a tight budget

Building a new business is very expansive in time and money. You’ll probably be solicited by various local Medias and web specialists and be presented with a lot of expansive options. Your new business needs marketing, but please don’t spend thousands of dollars trying different options – unless you can spare that kind of money. The Bronze or Gold plans are ideal for you. You want to be listed in all categories describing your company. We’re not talking about thousands of dollars here. Only one customer will cover for your marketing expanse for the whole year. The rest is pure profits, new leads that are already paid for. Now THAT’s return on investment. Also make sure to use our Customer Reviews and Ratings Tool to gather positive reviews from satisfied customers. This can really boost your new business at zero cost.

Established company in a specialized field, willing to increase its sales

Many companies only belong in one or two categories, for instance a Sheet Metal Manufacturer, a Plumber or a Local Distributor. These companies don’t need a Gold Plan. The Free Plan could be enough, however if you’re in expansion mode and willing to increase your sales, then you have to feature your listing. The Silver Plan at $199 per year should be a no brainer for you. Once again, your first new customer will most likely cover for more than your yearly expanse. The next one, or next 50, or next 500 customers are pure profits!

Contractor and/or Dealer in a competitive market

Most HVAC Contractors provide various services and often are also dealers. If you’re one of them, you want to be in every single category applying to your business. The Bonze Plan (8 categories) might not be enough for you. Plus if you are doing business in a competitive market you really want to stand out of the lot. The Gold Plan is ideal for you. For $299 per year, your company will be Featured in up to 15 categories and in search results. You will get extra sales, way more than you need to cover for that expense. Don’t be greedy selecting the Free Plan, it might cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lost leads!


I already picked the wrong plan, is it too late?

It’s never too late, and quite simple to upgrade. All you have to do is log into your account on HVAC-Connect.com, go to your Dashboard and click on your listing title to load the detailed page. There you’ll see a button called Upgrade Listing. Click on it, select your new plan and checkout. If you’ve selected a new plan with more categories, go back to your listing’s detailed page after the upgrade and edit your listing to add new categories.


Upgrade your Listing


We hope you found this article useful. Please note that prices mentioned here were accurate at the time of writing this article and are subject to change. In case of discrepancy between this article and our Pricing Page, consider the Pricing Page accurate. Taxes may apply in some States.


April 7, 2014 |

Boost Your Sales With Recent Customer Reviews

Recent Customer Reviews on HVAC-Connect.com

HVAC-Connect.com now shows the most recent customer reviews on its main page and in the search results.

<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-3461" alt="Recent Customer Reviews on HVAC-Connect.com" src="http://hvac-connect.com/connect/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/RecentReviews-230×230.jpg" width="230" height="230" srcset="http://hvac-connect.com/connect/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/RecentReviews-230×230.jpg 230w, http://hvac-connect.com/connect/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/RecentReviews-50×50 generic viagra france.jpg 50w, http://hvac-connect.com/connect/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/RecentReviews.jpg 528w” sizes=”(max-width: 230px) 100vw, 230px” />

Companies gathering customer reviews at a fast pace on HVAC Connect will constantly appear on the main page and search results from now on.


Buyers searching online for a company like yours will find you more easily. Also, having a good number of customer reviews is the best sales tool a company can have in 2014. Customers don’t want to rely only on your good looking website or your convincing sales pitch. They want to know what others have to say about your company. Engines like Yelp are great for local businesses but not so great for manufacturers and product brands. HVAC-Connect.com is dedicated to the HVAC, Refrigeration and Plumbing industry and yet it provides local company ratings. The best of both worlds for anyone involved with HVAC-R, at any level of the industry.


For more information about the multiple benefits of Customer Reviews and the tools provided by HVAC-Connect.com to help you gather more reviews, we strongly encourage you to read our post Improve your business rating and increase your profits!



February 16, 2014 |

Be one of the Best HVAC Contractors – 3 Steps, 5 Minutes, Free!

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Best HVAC Contractors

Best HVAC Contractors

Best HVAC Contractors lists the Top 20 US Contractors and the Top 10 Canadian Contractors at the end of each year.

HVAC Contractors, this is a great opportunity for you to improve your business’ online visibility – and sales – for free! Being recognized as one of the Best HVAC Contractors is easier than you’d think. All that’s required is 5 minutes of your time right now. Because there’s only 30 days left, the first companies to act are more likely to win that race. Because of the short time span, all you might need is five positive reviews to be on the 2013 Best HVAC Contractors List!

Step #1: Register on HVAC-Connect.com and Add Your Business Listing

If you’ve already added your business to HVAC-Connect.com, go to step #2.

If you haven’t, go to HVAC-Connect.com and register or use this direct link. We recommend using one of your Social Media accounts to register so you don’t have to remember your username/password. If not, make sure to write it down for future reference.

Once registered, click on add your company listing, see picture below.

After Registration

Once you’ve registered you can easily add your business listing to HVAC-Connect.com

On the next screen, select the Free Plan (see picture below), we won’t cover enhanced paid options in this article. When we say it’s free we mean it!

Select Free Plan

This article is about Free Marketing so we won’t cover the benefits of Featured Listings here. Although we strongly encourage you to read more about this option later. For now just select the Free Plan.

Click Continue and carefully enter your company information on the next screen. This is what will appear in your listing. But don’t worry, you can always come back and re-edit your information later.

Also make sure to select the three most appropriate categories for your business. You should pick sub-categories under Contractors. Most contractors are also dealers but make sure to select at least one Contractor sub-category.

Congratulations, you’re already half way done and you’ve already increased your company’s online visibility.

Step #2: Get Your Special Code

Once you’ve created your business listing it should appear on your account’s page.

HVAC Contractor Account View

Clicking on your account should show your listing(s). To view your listing’s details, click on its title. If you have multiple locations or branches you can create as many listings as required.

Now click on your listing’s title to access the detailed view. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the Listing Owner Tips section. You can’t miss it.

Tip #1 gives you two options to encourage satisfied customers to rate your company. Both provide a custom HTML code that can easily be copied and added to your website, email signature and social medias.

Please Rate Us on HVAC-Connect.com– Option #1 is a Web Banner that is best for your website belgique viagra.

– Option #2 is a Text Link that can be pasted on Social Medias and in your Email Signature.

Custom html code to encourage ratings of your company on HVAC Connect

Two options of custom html code are provided to you by HVAC Connect. One is a Web Banner and the other is a simple Text Link. Just copy/paste the code on your Website, Social Medias and Email Signature.

Step #3: Ask Your Satisfied Customers For Reviews

All you have to do now is ask directly some of your satisfied customers to rate your company. Ask them to use the link on your website or send them the Text Link. It will take them a minute to do it and your business will greatly benefit from these reviews. Don’t be shy to ask, you’d be surprised how satisfied customers are willing to share their experience on the web.

And remember… with 30 days left, all you might need is 5+ positive reviews to be one of the 2013 Best HVAC Contractors.

So don’t waste another minute…. Act Now!

December 1, 2013 |

You Company Has Multiple Locations?

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A lot of wholesale distributors have multiple branches. Some manufacturers, contractors and engineering firms as well.

Our best suggestion is to create one listing for each location. When potential customers look by city or zip code, you want to make sure they’ll find your closest location.

And don’t worry, there’s no limit to how many locations you can own.

If you’d like to feature your locations, you will need to purchase a plan for each location prix viagra pfizer france. If you have more than 10 locations and would like to feature them all, contact us to ask for a volume rebate.

October 28, 2013 |

Improve your business rating and increase your profits!


HVAC Search Results Filter

Be more visible to potential customers

On HVAC Connect, whether potential customers browse a specific category or use the search tool, your company will most likely come up with many other listings, including your competitors. Featured Listings will appear at the top of the list by default, however it is possible for the user to filter these results. He or she can notably decide to sort the results by Highest Rating or Most Ratings. Most will first pay attention to the Featured Listings on top, however some potential customers will only look at companies with the highest and/or most ratings.

Increase your notoriety

Good ratings and comments will also increase your notoriety. You certainly know how great your company, services or products are. Keep in mind, however, that potential customers have many other options. Your competitors might have great websites and look as professional as your company.

Give potential customers more than just a price to decide on. Having your company well rated by satisfied customers will show them that you’re good and trustworthy. Not only will you see an increase in sales but you might also be able to convert that credibility into extra margins.

How can I get more ratings?

We made it easy for you. Once your Business Listing is created, go to your Dashboard and click on your listing’s title to see its detailed view.

At the bottom of the page, you will find a section called Listing Owner Tips, as shown on the picture below. There you’ll have a personalized code to copy and paste anywhere on your Website and Social Medias viagra prix au maroc. You can even add this code to your business email signature, depending on the software that you are using.

It will display a logo saying “Rate Us” that, when clicked on, will forward users directly to your Business Listing Page, where they can quickly add their review.

Listing Owner Tips

This whole process will only take you a few minutes, increase your business visibility and notoriety… and sales and profits.

September 23, 2013 |

Frequently Asked Questions

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We thought the first post in the Tips & Tutorials category should be about Frequently Asked Questions. We have a page specially made for this and will keep it up-to-date with new frequent questions coming from users.

So any question you might have, make sure to first check the Frequently Asked Questions page. Others might have asked the same question before.

If you can’t find your answer there, of course you are welcome to send us an email and we will try our best to respond within a reasonable time frame.

September 23, 2013 |
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