A Description That Will Sell and Get You Found

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As I moderate new listings being added to HVAC-Connect.com, I often feel that a lot of people are lazy when it comes down to entering their company description. A quick copy & paste or just a few words… After all, we all have a website where people can find out more about our company, don’t we? People will find us in the directory, then visit our website if they want to know more… won’t they?

They may or may not, but there are things you can do you help the odds. Here are two essential tips to take into consideration when typing your business description. Two simple things to keep in mind that will get you found and catch potential customers’ attention. So they may go to your website… or even just call you right away.

Mention all of the products and services you provide… and even more! Everything you can think of that’s relevant to your business.


Write down all of the products and/or services that you provide and try to think of and write every possible word people might use to find a company like yours. Even if you are listed in the Duct Manufacturer category, make sure to still mention in your description that you manufacture ducts. Why?

Because description is used in the search by keyword. If someone looks in the Duct Manufacturer category, chances are he/she will find you. Now if that person uses keywords and Searches For ‘insulated ducts’, for instance, you will only come up if you have insulated or ducts in your description (or tags, but we’ll keep it or another blog). As you can see, plural is also important.


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Make the first 3 lines count!


Once you’ve come up in the search results, you’re in front of your customers. Great! But you still have to get their attention. What they’ll first see is only your summary, the first three lines of your description. Make them count! This is all you’ve got to catch your customer’s attention. Three lines of text, just a few words.

Let’s say you’re an Indoor Air Quality Contractor specialised in the residential market. You provide multiple services and sell numerous types of filters and other products. Yes you want to list all these services (air quality tests, duct cleaning …) and products (UV filters, AC filters, furnace filters …) in your description, but the first three lines should address what the customers are looking for, an answer to their need. Something like: “20 years of improving people’s home air quality, we are #1 and most trusted company in Florida when it comes to keeping your home air clean.”


These two tips can make a huge difference in how many leads you get from HVAC-Connect.com, whatever your company does, whatever plan you selected. If you’ve already created your listing, now might be a good time to come back and check it out, make sure it is up to date and optimal.


Are you using customer reviews? If not, make sure to read this post: The Free Marketing Cycle, a Very Powerful Tool.




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