Improve your business rating and increase your profits!


HVAC Search Results Filter

Be more visible to potential customers

On HVAC Connect, whether potential customers browse a specific category or use the search tool, your company will most likely come up with many other listings, including your competitors. Featured Listings will appear at the top of the list by default, however it is possible for the user to filter these results. He or she can notably decide to sort the results by Highest Rating or Most Ratings. Most will first pay attention to the Featured Listings on top, however some potential customers will only look at companies with the highest and/or most ratings.

Increase your notoriety

Good ratings and comments will also increase your notoriety. You certainly know how great your company, services or products are. Keep in mind, however, that potential customers have many other options. Your competitors might have great websites and look as professional as your company.

Give potential customers more than just a price to decide on. Having your company well rated by satisfied customers will show them that you’re good and trustworthy. Not only will you see an increase in sales but you might also be able to convert that credibility into extra margins.

How can I get more ratings?

We made it easy for you. Once your Business Listing is created, go to your Dashboard and click on your listing’s title to see its detailed view.

At the bottom of the page, you will find a section called Listing Owner Tips, as shown on the picture below. There you’ll have a personalized code to copy and paste anywhere on your Website and Social Medias viagra prix au maroc. You can even add this code to your business email signature, depending on the software that you are using.

It will display a logo saying “Rate Us” that, when clicked on, will forward users directly to your Business Listing Page, where they can quickly add their review.

Listing Owner Tips

This whole process will only take you a few minutes, increase your business visibility and notoriety… and sales and profits.

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September 23, 2013 |

2 thoughts on “Improve your business rating and increase your profits!

  1. I might add that consumer habits are evolving and companies who understand these changes and adapt to it will achieve profitability growth more easily.

    More and more people look online for company or product reviews and ratings before making a purchasing decision. Whether they want to buy a fridge, go on a cruise… or hire an HVAC contractor for a new installation or repair, customers trust other people’s opinions more than a sales pitch or a cheap quote.

    Many potential customers now use online reviews to look for the best contractor in their area. They’ll do their homework first, then contact only one or two companies for estimates and quotes.

    As many people stated in their comments: you have to justify a higher price… you have to show extra value. Well, I strongly believe that good comments and ratings from previous customers will bring you extra credibility and trust… and that means extra value for most customers.

    HVAC Connect is a free online business directory listing HVAC, Refrigeration and Plumbing contractors with reviews (only for US and Canada). Adding your company is quick and free, and we have a great tool to encourage satisfied customers to rate your company. For more information check this post:

    I use this approach with a company that I own, involved in a different field. For years we’ve provided top quality service at a higher price than our competitors. We always had to justify our higher price to potential customers, which of course meant extra sales efforts and higher marketing cost. A few years ago, we started calling and emailing our satisfied customers, asking them to rate us on a platform similar to HVAC Connect but related to our field. We gathered a lot of positive reviews and quickly became the best rated company in our area. Now all we have to do is show potential customers what others have to say about us to justify our higher price. Whatever we say is backed by hundreds of customers. Although it doesn’t work 100% of the time (there will always be people shopping for price), it simplified our sales efforts and we were able to cut down on our marketing cost. Even better, we had more and more customers calling us who found us online, loved our ratings and wanted to do business with us and only us. How do you think this affects our prices?

    There are many things (most you already mentioned) that can be done to increase your prices, but I really believe this is the cheapest and most efficient way. This marketing strategy is widely used in other industries, however I couldn’t find any site dedicated to HVAC that offered that kind of ‘Ratings and Reviews’ system. This is why we came up with

    I hope this helps!

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