• Hi all,

    Basically Econet word is used as a low energy consumption network, but here Econet concept is based on intermittently and efficiently evaporating water on a large area in front of the heat rejection surface of Mini – Split, Rooftop, Air Cooled Chillers, Condensers and Dry Coolers.
    It is having fully automated control lets discuss the…[Read more]

  • Hi Everyone,
    A desuperheater is known as a secondary heat exchanger device that transfers heat efficiently from the earth in the winter season and from your house in the summer, into your domestic hot water tank.
    Desuperheaters are crucial components used in the thermal management of heat from power generation sources to industrial uses in…[Read more]

  • Hello Everyone,
    I have a Philips LCC that has 1.5” chilled water feed and return. The cabinet has two flat plates that are fed off the 1.5” lines. It also two 1/2’ lines that come off the 1.5” lines that feed the cold head compressor. My problem is I can’t get the rated 2 GPM I need through the two 1/2” lines that feed the cold head compressor.…[Read more]

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